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    Sex: Male

    Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

    DOB: 09/04/2014

    Cost: $150




    Temperament Tested

    Hi! My name is CeeCee, although my foster mum calls me lots of other names too like ‘kitty’ ‘baby’ and ‘black fluffy pants’, I didn’t think I wore pants but apparently I do & they’re black and fluffy?!

    I was hand raised by my foster mum from just a tiny wee thing as my fur mummy couldn’t look after me. She did a pretty great job, I’m now strong and healthy and she says I’m ready to find a forever home!

    I’ve grown up sharing my home with lots of friends- some are cats, some are dogs and even the non fur kind of friends which are little humans- they’re all really cool & I love snuggling them all while we watch TV.

    As I left my fur mum far too early I do have a couple of quirks that my foster mum says make me even more special- I like to follow people around a lot, while they do dishes, use the scary thing they call a vacuum (it’s ok I’m brave, I only run away when it comes too close I think it might suck me up too!) and even when they have a shower- I lay on the mat and make sure no one disturbs them. I also sometimes suck on my own belly when I’m really cosy and relaxed, it makes me fall asleep.

    I would really love a family to call my own forever, if you would like to find out more please contact my friends at HAART.”

    ** PLEASE NOTE: all HAART cats are to be adopted as indoor only cats for their safety and to comply with the legal requirements of the Cat Act.
    HAART recommends the use of Oscillot cat fencing or feline safe Catio’s/portable caboodle to ensure they have access to the outdoors.
    Please ask us for information on other suitable products **

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