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  • Sex: Male

    Breed: RABBIT

    DOB: 01/01/2021

    Cost: $175




    Temperament Tested

    Cinnabon, 11 months old The friendliest and sweetest natured Bunny. Very comfortable with Dogs, super social with dogs and people. Loves to be cuddled and loves a good scratch on the ears and face.

    He loves venturing He would do well in a home with dogs or another Bun even a family with children. He sleeps a lot and keeps to himself but always loves to be around others. He has a unique character and he’s very smart! He’s not reactive to people or being held. He is very confident with big dogs, they don’t phase him at all. He’s not a fan of loud noises and hates the vacuum. He’s a Houdini so a secure/locked hutch inside is necessary. Easily one of the best natured rabbits! His kind nature will tug on your heart strings! 💖out of his hutch to explore the house. Toilet trained and so far hasn’t chewed on any cords around the house. He just wants to chill on the couch or on the dogs bed. He loves capsicum and apples (his absolute favourite)