Sex: Male


DOB: 07/12/2018

Cost: $150




Temperament Tested

I am one big, beautiful ginger boy if I do say so myself.

I found myself with the lovely people of HAART after I was unfortunately attacked by a dog when out and about one day. I received some injuries and had to have a big surgery on my leg to have my femoral head removed and I have been recovering since. The vets have said I have recovered so well, and I really love going to visit them so that I can strut my stuff in front of them and allow them to give me lots of attention and pats. I received the name Mordecai because it means ‘Warrior’ and I believe I am one after all I have recently gone through.

I am currently living in a multi cat home, with a couple of dogs thrown in for good measure.  However, I am not a fan of other cats,  so would prefer to be your one and only feline.   I wish to be King of my own castle and be worshipped as such. So far have been ok with calm dogs, but I have no issues walloping other animals if they invade my personal space. I am a confident and self-assured boy who loves having lots of attention provided to me by the servants/slaves/minions AKA humans or hopefully my future forever family . In return I will love you back and bring joy to your home and your life. I believe I would be fine in a home with calm children who can also give me lots of pats.

Due to my previous history of roaming and getting injured, I 100% must be kept as an indoor only boy. If you have a secure cat enclosure that would be even better so that I can spend time outside but within the bounds of an enclosure where I am safe and no chance of any more harm coming to me.

I might always have a slight limp in my hind leg; however, nothing stops me! I might need to have joint supplements added to my diet to help keep my body fit and healthy. I like most foods and love drinking from a water fountain. I love snoozing away the day and am active in the evenings.

Could you be my new family?  If you would like to meet me please complete the pre-adoption form and my people will be in touch.