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  • Sex: Female

    Breed: DSH

    DOB: 26/01/2013

    Cost: $150




    Temperament Tested

    Hi, I’m “mumma cat” purely because I came into Rescue with my 3 kittens a couple years ago, super inventive of my foster carers right??

    So I guess I’ll tell you the important stuff about me:
    I’m currently living with dogs, cats and children and I have no problems with any of them. The dogs can get a bit over excited and try licking my face with their huge sloppy tongues which just isn’t cool so I sometimes give them a tap on the head so they back off, but never with claws out- that’s just mean, and I’m not a mean kitty!

    I love to play with toys and run around the house like crazy chasing feathers, balls, bottle caps or anything else I can manage to steal from my humans.

    I love exploring so a nice exciting cat run or enclosed patio would be perfect for me.

    At night I like to switch it up, sometimes sleeping with my humans and sometimes snuggling into a furry ball with the others cats.

    As I mentioned above I’ve been in Rescue for a long time now and still don’t have a forever home so hopefully that’s you!
    Can’t wait to meet you