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    Sex: Male

    Breed: Border collie

    DOB: 04/05/2019

    Cost: $550




    Temperament Tested

    Hi, my name is Linx; I am a 2yr old male border collie.

    I am very beautiful and the goodest boy I also have awesome manners, my foster mum tells me all the time so it must be true! I enjoy a cuddle on the sofa and lots of pets. I have learnt a few tricks and always happy to learn more! I used to live with a family and think kids are great. I love meeting new people, going to the dog park and riding in the car! I was unsure of other doggies when I came to HAART, but now I have heaps of fiends at the dog park and love to run, run, and run.
    So why I am here you ask?
    My foster mum explained that being a border collie I have a lot of energy, she is right I do. It’s in my nature to chase or herd things, so I need a family/owner that is active and that are looking for an active dog to join them. I love going on walks, most of all I love to run, I could run all day.
    My foster mum takes me on several walks a day with a back pack to give me a job, I carry our water bottles, and it’s really cool. We also go to the dog park a lot and I get to chase and run for ages. A friend to play with to keep me occupied while you are out might be nice.
    If I don’t get enough exercise though, I kind of have to exercise myself and find ways to use that energy. That’s not good for me physically or mentally.
    I need a decent size back yard so I can chase the birds away (that’s always fun). I currently snooze with my foster mum as she goes to sleep then I go sleep on my own bed, then give her cuddles in the morning to wake her up. Oh and I am a smoocher, did I say that already?
    Do you think you can give me what I need?

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