In 2012, a group of like-minded individuals came together from other rescues with the idea of doing things differently.

From this small group of people we have grown to the rescue we are today.

We are a Not-For-Profit Charitable organisation that saves the lives of hundreds of animals each year, supported only by the generosity of the general public for our funding.

We don’t have a premises with hundreds of animals awaiting adoption. Instead, we have a team of dedicated foster carers – people just like yourselves – who take scared, abused, and unwanted animals into their homes, give them the gift of life, and love them like their own, until we find them the perfect forever home.

A collage of cats and dogs which have been rescued by Homeless & Abused Animal Rescue Team (HAART).

Since our inception, we have saved well over 2,500 animals.

We have fed, watered, treated and loved each one. We are exclusively no-kill. We do not put animals to sleep just because we don’t have room.

Our goal is to see the day when we are no longer needed. We effectively want to put ourselves out of a job. We want the day, however long it takes, when there are no more homeless animals. That day will come.

We also want Oscar’s Law:  To see the end of impulse buying, over-breeding and the sale of animals for profit in shops as a commodity.