Sex: Female

Breed: Great Dane X

DOB: 17/07/2023

Cost: $650




Temperament Tested

A big beautiful jewel!
Opal is a playful, happy puppy that is full of waggles and loves her toys.

She is incredibly affectionate and eager to learn, sometimes life is too exciting and she occasionally forgets her manners. Opal already sits waiting for an OK to eat her food, and happily sleeps all night in her crate. Being part Great Dane, she is the very definition of a big dog and has not yet become fully aware of her size. For this reason a home with older children is suggested.¬†Opal is dog social and plays well with other dogs but given her size and goofy nature we’d suggest that she might be a bit too much for a small dog.

As she is still a puppy being left home during the day can VERY boring so lots of enrichment is a must and even better if you have another medium to large dog to play with.